Why Choose us

Tinkering in the shed has resulted in many brilliant inventions. The White Shed Company’s philosophy is to tinker with focus and purpose - to truly understand your core objective, prioritise, build fast, use and analyse, review and brainstorm then improve.

We believe creative thinking and clever technology can take you further than you imagine. All you need is the conviction to start and the commitment to keep refining.

We are experts in finding ways to deliver value quickly, roadmapping iterative steps to get you to your end goal with minimal risk and cost, and working with you to test, refine, refine some more and continuously improve. Amazing things can come out of the shed: inspiration, invention, innovation, efficiency… Anything is possible.

Come work with us in the shed!

salesforce implementation

Salesforce Implementations, Enhancements, Advice, Admin, Anything...

Are you getting the best from your Salesforce investment? Are you looking to invest in Salesforce? We are passionate about the Salesforce platform and what it can do for you and your team. Let us help you realise the power and potential of the world’s leading cloud platform to transform your business - large or small.. Know your customer, gain insight into your business, processes and customers, build engagement and foster collaboration - all this and more on the one platform!

responsive design

Go digital. Build your market presence

Sick of clunky manual processes? Want to engage with your customers through their preferred channels? Need to be able to market intelligently? We can help with everything from business process review and design, process automation, to website and mobile app design and build.

mobile app design

Product. Building, Inventing, Innovating

We are also working away in the shed on our own products.. Details to come!

With backgrounds in large software technology and consulting companies, we are excited to work as a small select group with complementary skills and a commitment to truly partner with our customers. We know the best results can only come from listening with an open mind, understanding the basics first, maintaining honest and open dialogue and collaborating closely.

We have brought together some of the best minds in our industry to bring you outstanding results. Experts in certain fields? Yes we are.

We are Architects, Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Writers and Designers. But more importantly we are whole picture thinkers – from strategy and end to end processes, to streamlining those tiny but important tasks!

Who we are